An Ideal Mother’s Day Weekend with My Mom

May 10, 2019

My mom is fantastic (as many of you may know). I’m lucky to have her (as are the rest of her kids, her “grands,” the rest of the family, and the incredible collection of friends she’s accumulated over the years).

So I’m going to lay out an ideal Mother’s Day weekend with just the two of us, to take place throughout Southern Minnesota (shhhh…. it’s a secret – don’t let her know all the fun we’re going to have!).

This weekend assumes that cost is not an issue (even though we’re both pretty frugal), that we’re both incredibly active and love physical adventures, and that we are both like the Energizer bunny and can go on and on and on…. Well, you get the picture.

I hope these ideas will give you some ideas as you think about spending special time with your own mom (if you are fortunate to have one) or with another woman you love and think of in this same vein. Our weekend will start and end in Northfield (that’s where she lives) beginning early afternoon on Friday, returning sometime on Sunday afternoon. Hang onto your hats – here we go!


I’ll pick Mom up in the early afternoon (where her overnight bag would have been magically packed – I’ll probably have my sister go over to and do that ahead of time, warning Dad to keep it a secret!), and we’ll head to Faribault. I’ll fill her in a little bit about the weekend, but won’t tell her everything I have planned.

We’ll start our adventure at the Faribault Archery Club, located at the Commercial Exhibit Building on Fairground Drive. Even though we don’t have our own equipment, they have several bows available that we can borrow. We’re both right-handed, but they have bows for left-handed people as well. Shooting arrows at targets will be a good way to get out some of frustrations at the winter that never seemed to end this year (plus any other general aggressions). I’ve wanted her to go axe-throwing with me (which is super-fun), but she has put her foot down and told me that will never happen.
Info: 507-848-5260 or They also have a Facebook page.

We’ll then head to Studio 14 Salon and Spa in Faribault. After all the hard work and concentration, we need to slow down and pamper ourselves a bit. So we’ll each have a mani-pedi (maybe some really sassy colors for summer!), then have a facial and massage. This will be a chance for us to visit in a relaxing atmosphere and just by ourselves, which doesn’t often get to happen (because of all the wonderful people she surrounds herself with, there’s not as much one-on-one time as any of us would like).
Info: 507-331-3250,, 204 Central Avenue in Faribault. Or check them out on Facebook.

Well, we’ve certainly whipped up a good appetite by now. I think the Cheese Cave might be next on the menu (pun intended). Yum! There are so many amazing options; it’s going to be hard to choose. Should we get pizza, a cheese plate, a sandwich from the grill, or a salad? Maybe we could get a couple things and split them. And, of course, we’ll have cheesecake for dessert.

Info: 507-334-3988,, 318 Central Ave. N. #6 in Faribault. They’re also on Facebook.

Finally, we’ll settle in for the evening at the Historic Hutchinson House, a bed-and-breakfast that’s well-known for its hospitality and lovely rooms. It’s been awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, named #20 on the list of Top 50 Coolest Houses in Minnesota, and Best of Scene’s B&B category in 2018. Good night; sleep tight!

Info: 507-384-3291,, 305 2nd Street N.W., Faribault, or on Facebook.


Good morning! We’ll break our fast and start the day off right with some delicious food at the Historic Hutchinson House. They’re known for their three-course meal that includes a “starter” course, an “egg” course and a “sweet”
course, along with scones.

And off to Mankato we go!

We’re going to start with a bit of creativity this morning, so we’ll go to ARTifact, a women-owned business where people can paint their own pottery. There are more than 200 items to choose from (starting at $12, with most items running $20-$25). The staff is there to provide ideas and assistance. Mom and I will each pick something and make it our own. It think it would be fun for us to pick the same type of item (maybe a serving bowl or a pitcher) and paint it in our own individual fashion.

Info: 507-351-3111,, 321 N. Riverfront Drive, Mankato. Or follow them on Facebook.

Time for a little snack. We had a huge breakfast, but we both love tea and have heard some great things about the Curiosi-Tea House. Boy, it’s hard to choose from the dozens of flavors. I know we’ll be able to narrow it down; can’t wait to try it!

Info: 507-317-5354,, 1745 Commerce Dr., North Mankato. Follow them on Facebook.

Time for one more adventure in Mankato, at Salvage Sisters Merchantile. They are unique in that they have painted, re-styled or re-furbished home and garden décor, at affordable prices. Everything is one-of-a-kind. They also sell gift items and work by local artists and craftspeople. As their Facebook profile says, “Really cool stuff, mostly handmade. For baby, home and everything in between.”

Info: 507-345-8575,, 615 N. Riverfront Dr., Mankato, or on Facebook.

And off we go to the next adventure! I’ve actually been able to talk Mom into getting tattoos together – I never ever thought I would see this day in my lifetime. I’m so excited! As we head to Kat’s Tat’s in Owatonna, we talk about what we’re going to get. Matching? Similar? And where? I promise her it can be discreet and that no one will have to know unless she tells them herself. Maybe one of us gets a sun and one gets a moon? Maybe we both get little hearts? I don’t know; we’ll have to see.

Info: 507-214-2100,, 320 N. Cedar Ave., Owatonna. Facebook, too.

OK, that was fun! (And, true to my word, no one will know what we end up getting – or even that we’ve gotten tats – unless we tell them.)

And, now we’re exhausted, so we’re going to call it a day. We have reservations at the Northrop Oftedahl House Bed and Breakfast in Owatonna. It was built in 1898 and offers beautiful oak woodwork with an open staircase and large stained glass windows. The lovely rooms are furnished with family heirlooms. We’ve heard that the hospitality is warm and that the breakfast is quite delicious. We’re not quite sure what we want to eat tonight, so we’ll wander through downtown and grab something, maybe making a little picnic in one of the nearby city parks. We’ve certainly had some great adventures the past couple days. Tonight is our last night together before we go back to Northfield.

Info: 507-451-4040,, 358 E. Main St., Owatonna.


Well, our Mother’s Day weekend adventure has almost come to an end. We’re sad, but so happy we had the chance to visit and make new memories (plus buy a couple things along the way). And, we still have one place to go before I drop Mom off and head home myself.

Both of us are HUGE readers – we both love books. We often share our books with each other, then pass them on to others who share the same interests. We get our books from lots of places – the library, online, from local booksellers, from book sales (like the incredible one held every spring in Northfield).

We’ve decided that a fitting place to end our weekend is Content Bookstore. It’s an independent bookstore that has been open since July 2006. Content offers multiple events, book clubs, book credit (for used books) and so much more. We’ll each get a few books and take them home, thinking of our grand adventures as we begin turning the pages of the stories we’ve picked.

Info: 507-222-9238,, 314 Division St., Northfield, or follow them on Facebook.

This has been an imaginary trip with my Mom to celebrate Mother’s Day, but it’s made me so happy to think about all the things we could do together. Maybe, one of these years, we’ll have the opportunity to actually take a trip like this. Wouldn’t that be awesome?



By Beth Forkner Moe

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