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October 23, 2017

When Rhonda Witmer was 13 years old, she was involved in a motorcycle accident, injuring her spine and developing chronic allergies. She dealt with side effects over the next several decades.

“My neck and back pain was always present and dull,” she said.

It was an acupuncturist that relieved her pain on a particularly difficult day. She wondered to herself what else this form of medicine could help with? She found out, quitting her human resources job, obtaining her master’s in acupuncture, and eventually starting Harvest Seed in Northfield’

Now, two years after starting the business, she was voted Best Acupuncturist in Southern Minnesota.

“I’m humbled and gracious,” she said. “Having a practice open just less than two years ago, it feels quite the accomplishment to get this award. It’s gone beyond my expectations. I attribute that to my training and education and dedication to my patients.”

Witmer believes acupuncture is a healthy and fruitful method for dealing with pain and other ailments. She said the opioid crisis in the United States proves Americans need other options for dealing with physical problems.

“Drugs are not working in this country, and we are seeing a huge upswing in the patients in our field,” she said. “We treat the whole person — he body, the mind and the spirit.”

Harvest Seed is located at 205 Division St. S. in Northfield.

Honorable Mention: Jade Community Acupuncture Clinic


By Philip Weyhe

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