BEST OF AWARDS – SPORTS/OUTDOORS: Best Kayak/Canoe Rental Cannon Falls Canoe and Bike Rental

November 16, 2017

Minnesota offers a lot of things for the outdoor lover, but nothing really beats a day on the water. There’s something about heading to the local river, whether you’re planning an exciting solo trip by kayak or a lazy afternoon with friends on a raft, that everyone can enjoy. And the folks at Cannon Falls Canoe and Kayak are here to help you with that.

Cannon Falls Canoe and Kayak, located in Cannon Falls, connects people with all the equipment they need to enjoy Cannon River. The business was started 25 years ago by Randolph local William Lacefield, who was looking for something to do after he retired. The business offers canoe, kayak and raft rentals for water lovers, as well as bike rentals. There are three routes that customers can take, with folks from Cannon Falls providing the shuttle to and from dock points: an 8-mile trip from Cannon Falls to Miesville Ravine Park, a 13-mile trip that goes to Welch, and an 18-mile trip that goes all the way to Redwing. Life jackets, paddles and the shuttle ride are all included in the rental price.

Joe Lacefield, who started working with his father William about 10 years ago, said they receive about 85 percent of their customers from the Twin Cities area—but there is no “typical” customer. He also recommends starting with a raft if you’re interested in exploring the river but haven’t  had any experience.

“That’s more forgiving and really can’t tip over, but [you’re] going to learn the basic mechanics of how to navigate down the river,” he explained. “We’ve never had anyone tip over in a raft. You could probably just float down and you wouldn’t get into any trouble.”

Cannon Falls Canoe and Bike Rental is located at 615 N Fifth St. in Cannon Falls.

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By Grace Webb

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