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So it Goes in SoMinn: Autumn Van Ravenhorst

So It Goes in SoMinn: My terrible, horrible, not-so-bad day

October 15, 2017

Today I woke up with a pain in my neck, because somehow my bed was less comfortable than the night before, and when I went to make coffee I lost my grip and threw coffee grounds all over the floor, and after cleaning up the mess I put the filter basket in the sink and…Read More

So It Goes in SoMinn: FOOD

September 13, 2017

The term “foodie” is not a new one. It has its roots, and a couple of years ago it hit us hard. We try to forget about it, but it reveals its bizarre self in stints. Some view it as a person who simply enjoys the preparation and presentation of food. Others are hobbyists, some…Read More

Take the damn trip

July 19, 2017

I had this trip planned for over five years. If any of you read it, you’ll recall my June column being a confusing mixture of thoughts I had prior to finally taking this trip. It was a sort of prequel to this month’s musings. The trip was to drive from my current home of southern…Read More

Twin Cities Reptiles

June 19, 2017

I remember a summer I stayed with my dad and upon arrival had discovered his new pet—an iguana named Pablo. The reptile was known for his anarchic behavior, such as escaping from the 6-foot plexiglass home built by his and my father. He would hide under and behind couches, scratch the hell out of a…Read More

Best Pets of SoMinn Photo Contest

June 16, 2017

You spoke, we listened. For the first time ever, we here at Scene launched a Best Pets of SoMinn Photo Contest to accompany our Pets issue. We want to give a very special thanks to Heartland Animal Hospital of Owatonna and Faribault for sponsoring this contest and providing our winner with a basket valued at…Read More

Oregon road trip here I come

May 19, 2017

I work the notorious 9-5, am a mom who serves pizza far too often and there are parabens in my shampoo. I once had someone tell me in a conversation — the purpose of this dialogue has rightfully slipped my mind — they imagined I would be at home “knitting or something.” I actually wish…Read More

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