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Unique holiday shopping in Southern Minnesota

December 12, 2018

Once the endless errands and obligations of the holiday season start to pile up, it’s easy to fall into a gift-giving rut. With packed schedules and family responsibilities, relying on a standby set of options means one less item on the to-do list. But shopping for out-of-the-box ideas can be an escape and adventure of…Read More

Southern Minnesota Businesses Give Back during Holidays

December 12, 2018

Giving back during the holiday season comes in many different forms and from many different places, but it all serves one greater purpose: building and supporting community. Merchant’s Bank in Winona created its own giving back tradition 30 years ago. The Spaulding family and The Hideaway Coffee House and Winebar in Northfield have added it…Read More

2018 Best of Southern Minnesota Winners List

November 15, 2018

Another year, another enormous voting turnout for the Southern Minn Scene Magazine Best of Southern Minnesota competition. We continue to be amazed and grateful for the amount of interest shown by you, the readers, in our little (not so little, though) annual competition. But not just your interest – it’s also your participation. In all…Read More

Small Venues to see Live Music in SoMinn

September 27, 2018

Why do we go to concerts? The simple response is for the music. A more comprehensive explanation, in my opinion, anyway, is to have the best time alongside other concertgoers, listening to the music we all love in a sort of conglomerate. Easy enough, right? Seems pretty straightforward, but it’s not always that easy to…Read More

Pumpkin Patches and Picking in Southern Minnesota

September 27, 2018

For many families, the tradition of driving to a farm and picking a pumpkin out of a patch is just as important as actually carving the pumpkin. It’s also about getting lost in a corn maze, sipping apple cider and getting outside before the snow falls. Bridgewater Produce Farm, a farm and pumpkin patch located…Read More

Mankato’s History Fest: Where history comes alive

September 27, 2018

When you walk onto Jack McGowan’s farm only a few miles outside of Mankato, you step into a completely different world — one where cowboys and medieval knights live in harmony, where pirates tease the dour-faced Temperance Lady, where trolls can be vanquished through the magic of fairy dust. Huck Finn plays pranks on Theodore…Read More

10 Pizza Places in SoMinn You NEED to Try

September 7, 2018

There are about a million ways to do pizza. You’ve got the classic pepperoni, the controversial pineapple and Canadian bacon, and the downright scandalous (but often delicious) cauliflower crust. And though the pizzaverse is vast and varied, one thing is for sure – Southern Minnesota has plenty of options for every craving. Pagliai’s Pizza in…Read More

Connecting people and poultry: Regenerative Agriculture in SoMinn

September 7, 2018

Nestled in Greenvale Township in Dakota County (southern metro) poultry, people and perennials are working together in hopes of fostering change in agricultural practices – and keeping it profitable, too. For the past decade, Northfield’s Main Street Project has been researching innovative ways to sustain farmers, the land and the products they grow through regenerative…Read More

Annual Mahkato Wacipi brings awareness and reconciliation to community

September 5, 2018

In 1862, Mankato was the site of the largest mass execution in U.S. history, with 38 Dakota tribe members being hanged at the end of the infamous Dakota Conflict. It is a gruesome record that Mankato held for many years with a mixture of twisted pride and shameful secrecy, with residents often refusing to talk…Read More

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