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Burning Brothers Brewing – Don’t fear the beer

July 20, 2017

Now, I won’t bore you with the details – but for those of you that don’t quite know what a gluten intolerance is, or what Celiac disease is, it basically means that everything glorious and wonderful in this world is off limits. No beer, no bread, no pasta … and the worst part, no pizza.…Read More

Let’s Talk About Brews, Baby

July 19, 2017

  The boom of the craft beer industry has brought about a resurgence of breweries and taprooms in our own backyard. No matter what your preference, from stout to IPA, alcoholic or non, there is sure to be a drink for you just waiting to be poured. From decades old breweries to the new kids…Read More


July 18, 2017

  Randy Stenger has the lucky job of helping people indulge their inner kid. He owns and runs Extreme Sandbox, a business that provides team building (and sheer joy) by teaching groups to handle and drive heavy machinery. Founded in 2012, Extreme Sandbox is located on a stretch of Hastings farmland-turned-all-ages-playground. It hosts groups from…Read More

Best Of SoMinn 2017

June 19, 2017

It’s officially back, SoMinn! Many of you have been in contact with us through social media, inquiring when the Best of Southern Minnesota starts. Well, the time to nominate is (almost) here, and you can bet that we will be reminding (or demanding) you till the last possible moment to get online and submit your…Read More

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