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Animal Sanctuaries are Truly “Forever Homes” for Creatures in Need

July 12, 2019

When we think of finding “forever homes” for animals, we generally think of shelters or rescue groups that take in animals, then adopt them out to loving families. But there is a difference between this type of organization and animal sanctuaries, which find or receive injured or ill animals – sometimes with disabilities – and…Read More

Herds of Goats Fight Invasive Plants in Southern Minnesota

July 8, 2019

Invasive plants like buckthorn and garlic mustard were brought to Minnesota from Europe for landscaping in the 1800s, but quickly outwore their welcome. Chances are, if you’ve been on a walk in the woods, you’ve seen the large tree-like buckthorn shrubs with thorns and blackberries dominating the landscape. Garlic mustard, an edible plant that smells…Read More

SoMinn Restaurant Review: Preston’s Branding Iron – Still a Going Concern

June 24, 2019

The Branding Iron Supper Club, which had served southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa for decades, closed its doors earlier this year. A circa 50-year Preston mainstay, the panoramic-view establishment has been revived and is now being directed by new owners Dale and Becky Koch. After 56 combined years as employees at the restaurant, Becky says she…Read More

Flying High: The Minnesota Air Spectacular

June 12, 2019

There’s nothing quite like watching a military jet shoot across the sky above your head, as you crane your neck to watch its ascent, a snow-white plume tracing a path behind it. The air seems heavy as you wait, holding your breath, attuned to just how quiet everything is around you until… BOOM! The sound…Read More

County Fairs Not to Miss this Summer

May 31, 2019

The county fair, like Christmas, arrives just once a year. And like Christmas, it requires colossal advanced preparation, it’s shadowed by a rowdy surge of jollity and silliness, and then it’s over and life snaps back to reality. County fairs unite people. Friends and neighbors gather for a few days of carnival rides, competitions, lots…Read More

Charming Small-Town Celebrations … Worth the Drive

May 31, 2019

Many Minnesota communities roll out the welcome mats all summer long, with events and activities that entice visitors and locals alike. If you’re putting together your family’s summer calendar – and face it, after a long winter, you’ve earned some fun – here’s a good start. In Minnesota, winter is the real deal … and…Read More

Summer Festivals Here, There and Everywhere in Southern Minn

May 24, 2019

In addition to the standard community festivals, complete with parades and beer gardens, those interested in something fun over the summer in Southern Minnesota can also explore a wide variety of festivals with unique attributes. Whether it’s a particular food, style of music or activity, these celebrations each have something to make them stand out.…Read More

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