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From the coolest venues to the latest album release of any current artist, Southern Minn Scene keeps a finger on the pulse of all things related to your favorite music.

Summer Festivals Here, There and Everywhere in Southern Minn

May 24, 2019

In addition to the standard community festivals, complete with parades and beer gardens, those interested in something fun over the summer in Southern Minnesota can also explore a wide variety of festivals with unique attributes. Whether it’s a particular food, style of music or activity, these celebrations each have something to make them stand out.…Read More

Singing Hills Chorus Provides Opportunities for Those with Dementia

May 10, 2019

When the Singing Hills Chorus takes the stage at a concert, they look like any other choir. The members are clad in crisp white shirts and black trousers, with festive purple scarves tucked around their necks. They step onto the platform, segregating themselves into groups of sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. Each singer holds a…Read More

Drawbridge is Down for Rochester’s Arts Castle

May 2, 2019

With its battlements, ribbed walls, arched windows and fanciful Gothic turret, the 104-year-old Armory building in downtown Rochester could be a movie set for “Ivanhoe,” or maybe “Monty Python.” It was home to the National Guard for more than 50 years, and then was a senior center. Now it’s a castle for the arts, and…Read More

Jillian Rae Plays for the Love of the Game

May 1, 2019

On a brisk Friday in March, I greeted Jillian Rae who was seated at a high top table at the downtown Minneapolis Barrio. This is her “go-to lunch spot”. Despite being our first time meeting, she gets up to hug me right away and as a hugger myself, I am relieved. There is a warmth…Read More

Southern Minnesota’s Ice Palace Makes a Comeback

April 5, 2019

After national tours and the release of two albums, Southern Minnesota indie rock band Ice Palace were gaining momentum. A review in New York Weekly, the Village Voice and a nationwide tour supporting Cloud Cult in 2009 had them on the cusp of breaking through to a national audience. The Onion compared singer/songwriter Adam Sorensen’s…Read More

Vicky Emerson Is The Local Feminist Hero We Need Right Now

March 25, 2019

A 10-year veteran of the local music scene and notable Americana singer songwriter, Vicky Emerson is fired up. Her fourth album, “Steady Heart,” was released in January. It’s a collection of real truth tunes fueled by a polarizing political climate and growing knowledge of the complexities of love. In directing the album’s creation, she intentionally…Read More

New Music Space Opening in Owatonna

March 8, 2019

Over the years, Owatonna has produced a sizable list of musicians who went on to build successful careers. Boston-based drummer and Owatonna High School graduate Billy Conway went on to play with nationally acclaimed bands Morphine and Treat Her Right. Har Mar Superstar and members of national touring bands Rogue Wave, Cloud Cult and Owl…Read More

The 2018 Daniel G. Moir Music Awards

March 1, 2019

Musically, 2018 was a confusing year that felt both transitional and imprecise in direction.  This was much like society I guess, but with a better soundtrack.  A number of acts decided that 2018 was the year they would finally hang it up and retire.  Nothing lasts forever and as much as they will be missed,…Read More

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