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Get Fit In SoMinn: Small-town fitness

March 27, 2018

“Putting the fun in fitness” – “Bringing the community together” – “Getting to know people”

Tracy Langeberg, Lynnea Daleiden and Loree Valek, of Fit On Main Studio in Lonsdale, pride themselves on bringing a new way to work out in the small Southern Minnesota town. When Tracy said “45 minutes can go so fast or so slow depending on how you use it,” the four of us all laughed a bit in agreement.

Nothing has ever been so true. I’ve always been a firm believer that you shouldn’t be stuck on an elliptical or treadmill for your workout if you don’t like it. Why not try something new or join a group of people in having some fun.

When SouthernMinn Scene and Girlfriends Magazine was invited out to try a class at Fit On Main Studio, I did my research, of course. After reading a bit about the three masterminds behind the studio, I knew I couldn’t say no. These three women all have their own lives outside of the studio – full-time jobs, families to juggle, you name it – they are doing it. The studio, spreading health and fitness to the community they live in, is truly a passion that they have decided to dedicate their time outside of “life” to. They are each their own kind of superwoman.

Country Heat, PiYo (Pilates and yoga), Turbo Kick and POUND Rockout classes are four upbeat, ever-changing fitness classes that these three certified fitness instructors have brought to the Lonsdale area. I was fortunate enough to take POUND & to watch a Country Heat class. (Videos will be posted on both Facebook pages.) And now, I can’t wait to go back for the others.

The only thing I was encouraged to bring was a water bottle, which of course, I somehow managed to forget (and I definitely could have used). Fit On Main provided a mat for me to use, and a spare set of “drumsticks” that we were using for the workout. For those of you that aren’t familiar with POUND, it’s essentially a cardio drumming class. So, think bodyweight movements, a little bit of dance, drumming and really just jamming out – oh, and sweating – a fair amount of that too.

Lynnea turned down the lights and created a disco-ish atmosphere with colored and flashing lights. The music was turned up loud (but not too loud) and sure enough, we jumped right into some basic movements where we waved the drum sticks in the air, banging on our yoga mat with them and dancing around. There was LOTS of energy and LOTS of laughter (mostly at our own selves).

Country Heat, a mixture of contemporary and country dance to the rhythm of country/pop music, was similar to POUND. I’ll let you guys watch the video for a little more insight on what it looks like.

As they prepare for their ribbon cutting/open house ceremony on Saturday, March 10, they’re looking ahead to what is next on their list of to-dos to grow their business. Since their soft launch this past October, they have been consistently growing in numbers. Now, they are looking forward to holding events, bringing in more class times and a larger variety of classes and working with the surrounding companies of Lonsdale to generate some more excitement around the downtown area.

SO! Here we have it: My Fit On Main Studio reflection:

What I liked: Lynnea (and Tracy and Loree as well) did a great job of showing alternative movements if something was too difficult. Lynnea often paused in between the songs to show us the different options we had for a particular portion of the workout, so that we didn’t feel like we HAD to do the most advanced option. Cause, of course, she’s the pro and expert and totally rocked the most advanced option like it was a piece of cake. Trust me, not the case.

What I learned: It’s been a minute since I’ve done anything musical. Now, you do NOT have to be musical to do any of these classes, but I can see how it might help you a bit. I was struggling because I took quite a few music lessons growing up and ended up focusing on the beat of the music too much and getting stuck in my head. It took a few songs to get out of my head and just workout, but once I did, it was a blast. The lesson here (for me): just let go and have fun!

What I did not like: I blinked and the class was over. I couldn’t believe it when Lynnea announced that the class was finished. Now, I was sweaty, a bit tired and out of breath, but that didn’t mean I was ready for it to be over. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

My advice: Check out their Facebook page – and look at the schedule for the week. Shoot them a message or give them a call at the number below and set up a time to head on out there.

Next up: PiYo & Turbo Kick!! Can’t wait!

You guys know my usual request – let me know if you’re headed over for a class, have already tried it out or have done anything like this. I always love joining in on a fun workout like this and hearing other people’s fitness stories and experiences.


Fit On Main Studio
120 N Main St.
Lonsdale, MN 55046


Nicole Sweeney is a fitness freak who loves nothing more than coffee, laughter & sharing a good workout with anyone and everyone. If you think of any crazy fitness fads you think she should try hit her up on her Instagram account @sisufit or Twitter @APGnsweeney

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