November 22, 2019

County fairs represent tradition and small town living. And for some, the preparation happens many weeks before the first Ferris wheel begins to turn. Fairs are a pretty big deal and anticipated year round in rural America. However, in Steele County, the last food truck is barely able to make it out of the parking lot before planning for the next event takes place.

Recognized as the biggest county fair in Minnesota, the Steele County Free Fair brings over 2,000 animals in competition, more than 7,000 exhibits and a wide-ranging itinerary filled with live performances for each day. It is not hard to understand why it is recognized as the Best Community Event.

And beyond all of the flashing lights, greasy food and crying babies are people behind the scenes who made it all happen.

The Steele County Free Fair is a marriage between bucolic charm and big-time entertainment.


Honorable Mention: Defeat of Jesse James in Northfield

By Scene Staff

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