November 22, 2019

Northfield is known as a hub for arts and culture. This town has a historic, famous and endearing feel, complete with easy access to shops, restaurants and parks. Downtown Northfield has a uniquely peaceful vibe – its leisurely atmosphere makes visitors want to linger and causes residents to continue calling it home.

Bridge Square is almost something that would be seen in a movie (and in fact has been), and Division Street hosts multiple unique shops and restaurants. Parking, which is normally an issue in small towns, is easy to find.

But it’s the friendly residents that make this place interesting. Frequent events are held downtown, boasting happy people with a genuine interest in supporting the town’s wellbeing. The Arts Guild shows off its gallery and hosts frequent performances. The Riverwalk Market Fair, held each Saturday through the summer, brings out the best in local products, and those who enjoy biking will love the bike-friendly roads.

The environment is clean and landscaped, and the convenient location of the restaurants and music venues is perfect for a night out on the town. There is always something for everyone to find and love about downtown Northfield.

Honorable Mention: Red Wing

By Scene Staff

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