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Photographing SoMinn: Go West

July 22, 2019

A belated Mother’s Day gift led me northbound from Rochester to mom’s front door in the Twin Cities.

The sun was shining. The cherry blossoms were blooming. And it was time for Mama G — as my husband affectionately calls her — and me to take a road trip.

Quality time with mom is the best.  Last fall we adventured to Stillwater for her birthday.  And today we decided to go west.

Excelsior is a pretty little city on Lake Minnetonka.  We drove the quaint neighborhoods, admiring the architecture and manicured lawns.  And we oogled the watercraft at the Port of Excelsior. We browsed racks of stylish clothing and accessories at Emma Rose Consignment Boutique in the business district. And despite mom’s efforts – she knows I’m a sucker for rings and purses but in the market for neither – we managed to escape spending nary a dime.

It was time for the tour to continue.

Mom is a talented quilter and always on the hunt for her next swatch of quality fabric.  Can a quilter really ever have enough?  I’m going to bypass that answer and tell you we made a detour south to the Eagle Creek Quilt Shop in Shakopee.  Located in a former train depot, it was well worth the stop. Such talent – of which I have none – goes into the craftsmanship of those colorful and creative beauties adorning the walls.

I’ve long had a curiosity about St. Bonifacius.  And why that is, I’m still unclear; we’d driven through when I’d hardly realized we’d arrived.  That small. Though maybe I’d missed an important turn to the business district while mom and I dissected the latest episode of The Bachelorette?  It’s possible.

Farm animals dotted the rural landscape and provided a distraction from my now ravenous hunger as we circled our way east through Mound and Wayzata.  We were on the hunt for Itallian and our fettucine alfredo would not come easy.  But come it did when Bacio in Minnetonka answered the call to our collective inner rumblings.  The bread basket couldn’t come soon enough.  And Mama G kindly offered me half of her rations.  I accepted.


Photos and text by Elizabeth Nida Obert

Freelance writer and photographer Elizabeth Nida Obert, a former newspaper staff photographer for 18 years, has degrees in both and is passionate about telling stories in words and pictures.  She thrives on travel and adventure and is always looking forward to where the next open road – or door – will lead.   

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