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Photographing SoMinn: Rollin’ Down the River

June 24, 2019

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far to get away.

And sometimes simplicity is best. Especially when the idea comes about rather spontaneously on a Sunday afternoon.

My husband is a good navigator and knows me well enough to know that unchartered territory is my favorite territory. It satiates my curiosities and needn’t be fancy or indulgent. So long as it’s unique.

We followed the Mississippi River to the east from Rochester and within an hour were hiking a flat and paved riverside trail in Dresbach. As I’ve previously lamented, it was a long winter. But on this spring day the robins sang. The sun was warm. And the river flowed. My husband paused to watch the Canadian Pacific roll by.

Our next random stop was at the La Crescent Flea Market, which is open every weekend. We didn’t buy a thing but had fun browsing the expansive labyrinth of novelties. A spendy vintage Dukes of Hazzard lunch box caught my eye and brought me back to the Friday night television lineup in the days of my youth. Yee haw!

And because no adventure is complete without a little food in the belly – or, in this case, a lot – we dipped into Onalaska, WI for dinner at SeñorVilla Mexican Grill & Bar. The food – including the tender pork and sweet chimichanga cheesecake – was both tasty and inexpensive.
It was time to follow the river home.


Photos and text by Elizabeth Nida Obert

Freelance writer and photographer Elizabeth Nida Obert, a former newspaper staff photographer for 18 years, has degrees in both and is passionate about telling stories in words and pictures. She thrives on travel and adventure and is always looking forward to where the next open road – or door – will lead.

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