RESTAURANTS – BEST LUNCH: Fielder’s Choice Tap and Table

November 8, 2019

Fielder’s Choice Tap & Table has three reasons for being named Best Lunch, according to General Manager Michael Wiggins – its varied menu, its customer service, and its large craft beer menu. He also gives credit to the past two people who ran the restaurant, Charles Plaetz and Craig Korvela.

“We have a pretty extensive menu,” he said. “And we’re a scratch kitchen. Nothing is pre-seasoned. We make our own sauces, and we cook our meat to order. We get our food out pretty quickly, and it’s delicious.” The menu is varied enough, he said, that five people at a table could each get something different, from flatbreads to lettuce wraps to build-your-own sandwiches to burgers and more. “We cater to a lot of people.”

“And we also handle any issues (that might come up) well,” Wiggins said. “If there’s a problem or a mistake, we just take care of it. Our management team will actually go into the dining room to address any issues.” Recently, he said, there was a $80 to-go order, where the customer wasn’t satisfied. “I drove a replacement order almost to Hwy. 52 east of Dennison, 40 miles each way, on a 90-degree day with no air conditioning (because I didn’t want the food to get cold), and there was no charge. It’s a big deal to us that we address issues right away and make people happy.”

“We’re also known for a bigger tap beer menu than anywhere else in the county,” he said. “We have 30 craft beers, with a rotating menu. We’re also expanding our wine menu.”

Wiggins said the menu changes quarterly, with guess feedback playing a big role in what goes on each menu. “We put things on that people have requested. We try to cater to our community.”

Fielder’s Choice is located at 2300 Gleason Court, Northfield.

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By Beth Forkner Moe

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